In this episode, I talk with Carine Werner of about what stops people from discovering their passion and how they can find it.

Carine is a business and life strategist and has been studying what makes people successful for the last 22 years.

And today, she’s going to walk you through how you can discover your passion, help your children find theirs, and how to use your passion to live a life of purpose.

By the end of this, my goal is that you will be able to figure out what you’re really passionate about, how to spend time on it each day, and how to help your children discover theirs.

Are You Living With Passion?

Carine defines passion as an inspired burst of enthusiasm, energy, and focus, that when capitalized on can carry you to enormous success in your job and happiness.

Whenever you set out to do anything, find that something to get you moving forward. Because if you’re not devoting a portion of your day to something you’re passionate about, you’re swimming against what you’re here to do.

On a personal note, I have to spend a portion of my day on what I’m passionate about.

And on the days that I don’t because I’m busy drafting up legal documents are the days that I feel hopeless and tired. Actually, it’s so important for me to focus on what I’m passionate about because when I don’t, I fall into this downward spiral of just unhappiness.

How To Discover Yours

Carine gave some great advice if you’re an adult and if you have kids.

She says that if you’re an adult you need to make time to look at when you experienced joy.

Literally look at your past to see when you experienced happiness.

When were you energized?

When were you doing something that you truly loved?

Look at the task that you were doing, was it the task that you loved or was it the feeling that you had from doing the task?

Write down your answers to those questions because great things come out of writing it down.

A habit to develop as you get up in the morning is to write 3 pages.

When you wake up, take out a pen and pad, ask yourself those questions and then do a brain dump of whatever enters your mind. Don’t filter, just write.

What you’ll start to discover is that there’s magic coming out on the paper. But it starts with writing it down on paper.

What’s Stopping You from
Pursuing Your Passion?

Limiting beliefs are what stops people from finding and pursuing their passion.

Where do limiting beliefs come from?

They come from the things your parents told you when you were young.

And they come from the kids in your environment who squash your spirit.

Have you ever heard or said these words?

“Who are you to…”

“That’s stupid.”

“Why would you do something like that?”

If so, it’s those exact moments that kids remember. Because it’s those moments that they make something out of what you or others said to them — those are the moments that kill their spirit.

How do you overcome your past and pursue what you’re passionate about?

How do you help your children pursue theirs?

You figure out what your current beliefs are about what you can and can’t do. You can do the work yourself and figure out what’s holding you back. You can reach out to people like Carine who can help you break through those limiting beliefs.

You also also can reach out to people like Carine who can help you break through those limiting beliefs.

If Your Kids Have
Poor Self Esteem…

Coincidently, kids that have a poor self-esteem tend not to exhibit any passion for anything (except maybe video games).

Carine says that the first step to help you kids develop self-esteem is to get them to open up.

If you can get them open up to what it is they want so they’ll share, then you have an opportunity to help them help themselves feel worthy.

And if you want to teach your kids to find their own passion, Carine recommends taking these 3 steps:

First, define the situation. This means taking notice of what they find joy in, then helping them define that feeling as “passion” by asking them how they feel about it.

Next, acknowledge their feeling when they tell you how they feel. If they’ve just come down a slide at a playground all by themselves and their ecstatic about it, ask them how they feel about it and acknowledge how they respond.

Finally, help your kids recognize that feeling again. By that, she means we’re all put into situations where we feel we don’t have the courage to see it through. By helping your kids recognize that feeling when they “did it”, they’re going to remember that they can do it, get the courage to do it, and actually do it.

How Sticking a Bunch of
Pictures and Words on a Poster
Can Bring You Your Life’s Greatest Desires


Some people might not look at a vision board and think there’s much of anything there, but that would be a dumb thing to think. Because throughout life, almost every successful person has created some sort of vision board.

A vision board is a small poster with words and cut out pictures of what you want in your life.

What do you want to accomplish this year? What do you want to have? There’s no wrong answer because it is whatever you want. Once you get clear on that, the universe conspires to help you get there.

Now you might be thinking I’m talking about the law of attraction, and you’re right. Because it does work. Perhaps you’re even thinking about the movie “The Secret” that came out a few years back.

“The Secret” had a few good points about focusing on what you WANT but it was missing a key ingredient.

What was it missing? ACTION.

It was missing was the action part. Because in this life, in order to get what we want, we actually have to put ourselves out there.

Taking action is required

That means your thoughts, your words, and your actions have to line up in order for your future to become your reality.

If you’re not spending a portion of your day on what you’re passionate about, here’s what you can take action on to get you doing more of what you want:

  1. Write down what you (really) want and why.
  2. Create your vision board for what you want to have and achieve this year.
  3. Keep your thoughts on what you want, not what you don’t want.
  4. Take action towards what you want.
  5. Post your comment below for what you found most useful.
  6. Wait for the next episode.
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