How do you raise children who actually enjoy their work?

Who stop sleeping in?

Who are responsible with their money, and who you have a good relationship with?

This week I talk with Janet Rossi, a certified coach who specializes in helping people improve the relationships they have with the people in their business and personal lives.

Some of the things we cover in this episode:

  • Why relationships are the key to being really successful in life (and how to improve it)
  • What really influences the dynamics of a family
  • The simple thing you can do to improve the quality of your relationship with your children colleagues, and friends

I think you’re going to get a lot out of this episode.

Read the bullet points of this episode below

  • To be successful, focus on building relationships with people who don’t agree with you, who will challenge your ideas and help you create new ones because it creates a synergy that helps you achieve the things you otherwise wouldn’t be able to without it.
  • The nature of your parent’s relationship is a big reason why you do what you do, how you raise your children, and why you do it that way. Are you fully “there” when you’re with your kids? If not, were your parents? If not, that could be why. Rather than blame, decide that you want to start being “there” for them. Decide that you want to be 100% present.
  • Being there for your children is not about giving them all your attention, giving them everything they want and showering them with gifts and praises. It’s about being 100% present when they are talking with you when they’re asking you questions.
  • If you want your children or even grandchildren to be distracted, turn the TV on, go on your phone when they’re talking to you. Otherwise, turn if all OFF and put the focus on them.
  • We’re hardwired to listen to stories. When you find yourself trying to tell our children something important, you’ll have more success when you can tell a story about your life than when you just directly share the message.
  • Your children are always watching you. That’s how they learn. So if you want them to “listen” to you, you need to first learn to be consistent with your actions and words. Where can you be more consistent?
  • Always Be Coaching. Guide other people, help them attain their higher goal and higher self. What you put in ultimately comes back to you, even if not directly or immediately.
  • Janet helped her daughter develop earning power at a young age by giving her opportunities to work for it. What motivates your children, what do they enjoy? How can you direct them to use that to develop their ability to earn money and ultimately be self-sufficient?
  • Be clear what is “want money” vs “need money”. Help them see the difference. Then Provide your children with their needs, but get them to earn their wants.
  • Surface level praise mean very little if anything at all. If you’re going to praise your children, don’t say “good job on that”. Instead, praise them on the obstacle they had to overcome to get to the “good” thing they achieved.
  • Forget about making your children a clone of you. Help them become them, help them discover what they’re good at, what they’re wired to do and they will live and work with a real sense of purpose and passion. It’s a bonus if they end up wanting to walk in your shoes.

Thanks Janet for sharing your insights.

If you’d like to contact Janet for some coaching, you can reach her at

Thanks for reading and listening.

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